Turkey Purges 167 More Military Officers

Although more than two and a half years passed since a botched coup, the authorities have not relented the purge within security institutions, with dismissing 167 more officers in the Turkish military over alleged ties to a movement blamed for the coup attempt.

The latest bout of dismissals brings the total number of the fired officers to more than 7,000. The state-run Anadolu news agency reported that Defense Ministry, upon instruction by Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, completed an inspection of certain figures within different branches of the military.

After internal inquiries, the ministry sacked 167 officers in total, including 90 officers from Ground Forces and 77 officers from Navy. Last year, the Turkish government ended a two-year emergency rule. But certain elements of it remained in place, granting the government vast and sweeping powers for dismissals. Since the end of the state of emergency last summer, Turkey sacked 486 officers within the Turkish Armed Forces.

In total, 1,076 public servants have been suspended over alleged links to Gulen Movement. The authorities designated the faith-based movement as a terrorist organization for its perceived role in the failed 2016 coup. Both its leader and sympathizers strongly deny any involvement in the coup.

Turkey’s purge victims find no justice as domestic and international courts send them back and forth

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