Police raid pro-Kurdish HDP’s headquarters, 5 detained for hunger strike

On Sunday, Turkish police raided pro-minority People’s Democratic Party’s (HDP) headquarters in Diyarbakir, a Kurdish majority province in the southeast, and detained five protesters who were supporting a hunger strike.

The protestors were detained for supporting the hunger strike to oppose the circumstances of jailed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and were charged with “terrorism propaganda,” IHA news agency reported.

HDP lawmaker and co-president of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Leyla Guven, has been on the hunger strike for 117 days to protest Turkey’s treatment of Ocalan. The five protestors and HDP Diyarbakir deputy, Dersim Dag, had joined Guven in her hunger strike.

Turkey deems PKK a terrorist organization based on its three-decade insurgency in the country. The armed group’s leader, Ocalan, has been jailed on Imrali Island since he was captured by Ankara in 1999.

According to HDP lawmakers, Ocalan was recently barred from seeing his lawyers and he is rarely permitted to see his family members.

Over 290 Kurdish political prisoners, including the HDP lawmakers, are on a strike to remove the “isolation” of Ocalan.

Dozens of protesters detained by police as they try to gather and support the hunger-strike by HDP’s MP Leyla Güven

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