200 ISIS militants surrender in Baghouz, the last ISIS city

Backed by the US, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured 200 surrendered jihadists on Monday after severe battles over the eastern province of Baghouz. More than 1000 Islamic State (ISIS) fighters remain, together with some civilians still stuck in the city, Reuters reported.

The SDF held back on the attacks for a few weeks to allow civilians to evacuate the city before its assault on Baghouz on the weekend. It is believed that remaining IS fighters are keeping some civilians trapped in the enclave. The SDF and US-led international coalition are hoping to rescue the civilians and get them to safety.

Baghouz, which is the territory that stretches between the two countries of Syria and Iraq, is the last area still under the control of the ISIS group. It was declared a self-proclaimed caliphate in 2014.

The Baghouz attack is the pinnacle of the battle since claiming the regions of Raqqa and Mosul from jihadists, marking a milestone in the fight against ISIS.

Despite the defeat, the jihadist group is still a threat with its sleeper cells and guerrilla attacks by affiliates in the regions where it lost control, therefore ISIS still has some control of remote territories.

ISIS militants swear to fight to the death for their last pocket of territory in Syria: SDF

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