Three-month security crackdown see 1,956 detained after operations by Turkish security forces as they crack down on PKK

TURKISH SECURITY forces are determined to clamp down on members and those associated with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as there have been 1,956 detainments.

There was also over 317 arrests, according to a Monday report in the state-run news agency, Anadolu Agency. These happened in the last three months. According to figures supplied by Anadolu, 183 PKK militants were neutralized during the operations. Sources claim several high-ranking militants were amongst the neutralized PKK members.

After the termination of peace talks held between PKK and Ankara in July 2015, Turkey’s armed forces (TSK) conducted military operations in Kurdish-majority southeastern cities with tanks and armored vehicles inside urban dwellings.

After 265 days, ten cities were left devastated as a result of the clashes between PKK and TSK. Curfews were implemented in more than a dozen cities and human rights violations against the Kurdish population by Turkish security forces were widespread, according to an interview with a police officer who was on duty during the operations.

According to the official figures, skirmishes claimed the lives of 285 civilians, 3,583 PKK members, and 355 troops. Civilian casualties include Tahir Elci, a prominent Kurdish lawyer and the chair of Diyarbakir Bar Association, who was shot and killed during a press conference that demanded a ceasefire.

Turkish Interior Ministry says 735 people linked to PKK/KCK have been detained after security forces raids

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