Opposition mayoral candidate lashes AKP for playing dirty as they “disgrace themselves for political ends”

Mansur Yavas has dismissed the allegations and charges leveled against him as part of a concerted effort as local elections are around the corner.

Yavas, the mayoral candidate for the main opposition party CHP in the capital of Ankara, has been accused on charges of misconduct by issuing a fake promissory note to recover a $600.000 fee, harassing the complainant, Necmettin Kesgin.

The first accusation against Yavas was by Omer Celik, an AKP spokesperson, and pro-government daily Sabah, then indicted on charges of and using a false signature in an official document while working as a lawyer a decade ago.

According to reports in Turkish media outlets, at a press conference on March 12, Yavas refuted all allegations said he was “the real victim” in the case as there has been no ruling against him by the Court of Appeal.

He said the complainant is currently tried for producing counterfeit notes and harassment of minors and has already been sentenced to 6.5 years for forgery, extortion, and violation of privacy.

To him, by employing such, as AKP spokesperson calls him, “an esteemed” person, the governing party tried to sweep him aside as the gap between him and the AKP’s candidate, Mehmet Ozhaseki, widens in the opinion polls at the expense of the latter.

“It’s pure helplessness to hide behind of such an impostor and yield the floor to him on TV in order to secure your post. This is the most dishonorable election campaign of our political history,” said Yavas.

According to T24, on the other hand, except Haberturk’s live footage of eleven minutes, none of the Turkish news channels, including A Haber, CNN Turk, NTV, TGRT Haber and TRT Haber, which broadcast Omer Celik’s press conference previous day aired Yavas’ responses.

In the last couple of days, pro-government daily Sabah and A Haber, fiercely lambasted Yavas as a candidate mayor, running for the third time. Voter polls have continuously shown how most metropolitan areas are slipping aware of the AKP and its alliance.

On 11 March, AKP’s spokesperson Omer Celik accused Yavas of initiating a levy attachment with bogus documents and later that day, an indictment comprising similar claims was submitted to a criminal court in Ankara.

If found guilty, Yavas wouldn’t get the post even if he outran the ruling party’s candidate in the elections.

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