Turkish prosecutor asks Turkish parliament to remove opposition leader’s immunity from prosecution

Ankara Prosecutor’s Office, in a summary of proceedings from the Ministry of Justice, asked the Turkish parliament to lift the immunity from prosecution of the main opposition, Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, to proceed with a trial of insulting Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, Turkish media outlets reported on Tuesday.

The opposition leader, on a TV broadcast in June 2018, said, “I sued Soylu, but only for the nominal amount of 5 Turkish kuruş, since he is not worth more. I did so in order to demonstrate to the public that he is not a man of honor.”

Following the statement, the minister filed a criminal complaint against Kilicdaroglu with the allegation of insult.

The prosecutor’s office decided that Soylu has the right to proceed against Kilicdaroglu for insult and asked for the removal of his political immunity.

In response to the prosecutor’s decision, Kilicdaroglu commented, in an election meeting on Tuesday, saying, “They say that they will launch an investigation just as we are about to run in local elections in a few days. Do the launch whenever you want. We are not afraid of anyone since we have never received anything illegally.”

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