Minor Kurdish mistranslation see a Turkish court banning election banners of the People’s Democratic Party

It’s certainly election season madness as the latest stunt see a court banning an opposition party’s banners because of a mistranslation.

The banners of the pro-minority People’s Democratic Party (HDP) that were printed in the Kurdish language have been removed by the court on an accusation of terrorist propaganda.

This is in the city of Sanliurfa on Wednesday, days before the March 31 local election. It was later revealed this was due to a mistranslation.

A Sanliurfa city prosecutor from the criminal court of the peace issued an official decision to withdraw and ban the banners on the ground of terror propaganda, the text written on the banners say “peace versus war” (“Li Dijî Şer Aşitî”) reads in Kurdish.

The decision to ban campaign billboards is taken in accordance with anti-terror law, Article 7 by the criminal court.

HDP’s Sanliurfa office posted on its Twitter page the prosecutor’s office mistranslated the phrase as “the peace belongs to us after the war.”

HDP filed an objection and said they are ready to take legal action against the staff who mistranslated the text to mislead the court.  HDP also requested the court to stop the removal of the posters.

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