UK’s divorce with EU remains dubious as May seeks a third vote on her deal

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking a third vote on her deal, which will take place next week, after parliament ruled out a no-deal Brexit and voted in favor of an extension to the March 29 deadline recently.

May’s de-facto deputy warned lawmakers that if they don’t back May’s deal, there might be a longer extension that would jeopardize the prospects of a divorce all-together.

The United Kingdom cannot unilaterally extend the deadline as it needs the unanimous consent of the EU, and the latter is likely to press for a longer extension due to the possibility of a no-deal exit.

Before the no-deal vote on Wednesday, MPs voted in favor of an amendment to rule out all
no-deal scenarios with a narrow margin, despite the Prime Minister’s whip against it.

May did not want to lose the possibility of a no-deal, to use as leverage, according to sources, and she opted not to whip Conservative MPs as, before the amendment, the vote was exclusively about the March 29 deadline, and a no-deal Brexit was not to be taken off
the table.

The latest defeat on Wednesday dealt a blow to May’s post since she implemented a three-
line whip, very sensitive enforcement, with refusal to comply by the MPs denotes the
whip’s impotency to navigate the party.

The government of the UK wants to avoid the upcoming EU elections and this means that
the short extension they seek must not exceed the 1st of July.

However, the options for the house would remain the same until that time, for the EU officials made it clear that they will not amend the deal on the table and the alternative scenario is to opt for a longer extension for a completely new deal.

The opposition Labor Party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said on Wednesday that after the no- deal vote the parliament should take control of the negotiations and his party would seek alliances to implement the take-over in the house.

May is not about to give up as she talks of a second referendum despite yet another loss

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