Erdogan family revealed as shareholders of the “exorbitantly priced” restaurant in Istanbul Airport

Two of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s children, Bilal Erdogan and Sumeyye Erdogan were revealed as shareholders of the only restaurant at Istanbul Airport, which has been criticized on social media as being exorbitantly priced, Birgun daily reported on Sunday.

“Cay Saati” (Tea Time), the only and excessively expensive restaurant at Istanbul Airport, reportedly has four shareholders, two of who are Erdogan’s family members. According to
the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, the other two shareholders of the restaurant are Mustafa Esenkal and Ali Bahadir Yesil.

The Gazette reported that Bilal Erdogan and Sumeyye Erdogan are majority shareholders of the restaurant with 543,000 TL and 450,000 TL worth of shares respectively, while Esenkal has 337,500 TL and Yesil has 169,000 TL.

A twitter user nicknamed Dogu Orcan, posted a photo and tweeted on Saturday, “The new
airport is really awesome, but they forgot to open restaurants in it. There’s only one. And
here, they serve you this on a plastic plate for 100 TL.” The photo shows a plastic plate with
a bulgur salad, potato salad and a few stuffed grape leaves on it.

In another tweet, he posted a photo of the bill and said, “I don’t have any reason to lie. Here’s the bill and the place is called Cay Saati (Tea Time).”

When completed in 2027, the Istanbul Airport, President Erdogan’s latest high-stakes mega project, aims to be the busiest airport in the world, with six runways and four terminals that will be able to accommodate 200 million passengers a year.

Although the opening date of the airport has been delayed three times, Turkish authorities
insist that the main terminal building and two runways will be fully operational by Sunday, in
what critics say is a rushed and dangerous attempt to stay on schedule, The Guardian

Turkish Airlines, the country’s national carrier, was moved from Ataturk to Istanbul Airport’s
new controversial location last weekend, which is on a wetland 30km north of the Black Sea.

The mega project of Istanbul, the likes of which have been finished at an enormous cost to
the taxpayer has long frustrated Istanbulites who fear that the new airport’s spiraling costs
are contributing to bankrupt a country already on the brink of financial collapse.

Death toll hits 52 at New Istanbul Airport construction

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