Erdogan’s ally endorses re-run for Istanbul Mayoral Elections

The ruling AK Party’s ally, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) chair Devlet Bahceli said on Tuesday that a re-run of Istanbul Mayoral Elections can be considered as a resort.

Breaking his silence a week after the election results that saw AKP’s loss in Istanbul and Ankara, Bahceli endorsed the previous statements of AKP deputy chair Ihsan Ozyavuz, saying that in order to unburden people’s conscience a re-run of Istanbul elections might be an option.

Bahceli’s remarks came following AKP’s announcement saying that it will resort to an extraordinary appeal for a re-run of Istanbul Mayoral Elections to the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK).

When asked about the Ankara’s newly elected mayor Mansur Yavas, Bahceli refused to acknowledge him as the new mayor of the capital city, citing misconduct allegations that surfaced before the March 31 elections.

Nine days after the March 31 polls, Istanbul Mayorship is still contested due to the ruling AKP’s appeals to the results, prompting a recount of the invalid votes.

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