Turkey’s ruling party seeks re-run of Istanbul Mayoral Elections

Turkey’s ruling AK Party deputy chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz announced on Tuesday that the party will apply for a re-run of March 31 local election in Istanbul, citing location shifting and gerrymandering allegations.

The announcement came following the ruling of the country’s election authority that rejected AKP’s demand for a full recount of the votes cast in Istanbul.

Yavuz criticized the decision on his Twitter account, saying that his party will resort to an extraordinary appeal process.

The local elections of last week resulted in AKP’s loss in most of the big cities despite its lead in the popular vote. Turkey’s capital Ankara’s Metropolitan Municipality is now being run by a Republican People’s Party (CHP) member mayor while Ekrem Imamoglu, CHP’s Istanbul mayor-elect is currently ahead in the polls with his election certificate to be delivered pending the end of the appeal process.

Turkey’s election authority rejects AKP’s total vote recount demand

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