Izmir’s new mayor vows to hire teachers expelled from their profession

“Teachers who were expelled from their jobs with a decree-law will be hired back.” This is the statement by Tunc Soyer, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. He made the surprise statement at the Izmir Book Fair.

Soyer, who had just been elected as the Mayor of Izmir at the recent local elections held on March 31, answered questions at the Izmir Book Fair and took part in the interview titled: ‘What kind of Izmir?” Soyer, who stated the police usually consist of expert sergeants, said: “We will employ teachers who were rendered unemployed with a decree law into municipality police. By hiring teachers for this job, we will establish a special connection between our citizens and our municipality.”

Thousands of teachers and other professionals were made unable to practice their professions with a decree-law, over the accusations of being involved in the botched July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

Soyer stated they will place emphasis on democracy and will not just focus on production. “We have to bring democracy to the streets, to the upper districts and back streets by digitizing it with technology. We will focus on democracy as much as production. We have a few concrete objectives in this regard.”

“The budget of our municipality in detail will be in the pockets of the citizenry, through their phones. Our route will be democracy and production,” Soyer went on.

He did not specify the conditions for hiring teachers who were expelled from their profession. Soyer had only received the mayoral certificate for the Izmir metropolitan area two days ago.

Tunç Soyer chosen as CHP’s mayoral candidate for İzmir metropolitan Municipality

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