A young Kurdish killed by Turkish police, who claim it was “accidental”

Turkish police have claimed the murder of Recep Hantas, a 20-year-old Kurdish, was “accidental.” Hantas was shot dead by police in mainly Kurdish populated southeastern province of Diyarbakir, Yeni Yasam news report said on Sunday.

Hantas was allegedly sitting in the Sumer Park area with one of his friends at around 4 a.m., before being shot in the head by police, the pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya news agency (MA) reported.

Hantas died on the scene, while his friend, called R.Y in a statement by the Diyarbakir governorship, has been taken into custody.

Police says the murder was “accidental” while the governor says it happened due to “ignoring of the police’s warning.”

The corpse was first taken to Diyarbakır Gazi Yasargil Training and Research Hospital, where police officers claimed at first instance Hantas had been killed mistakenly, according to Efe Hantas, his elder brother.

On the contrary, the Diyarbakir Governor Office published a statement, claiming Hantas was shot dead during an operation in park area based on notice. Hantas was killed when he ran through the police, ignoring the police’s warning to stop.

According to the statement, another young man, R.Y, obeyed the warning and was detained.

The governorship also declared two police officers have been directed to court with warrants for arrest. One of the officers was arrested by the court, other was released under judicial control.

“While we were still in a shock of the incident, the police officers came and told us to take immediately the body of my brother from the mortuary and to the graveyard. They were very nervous,” the brother told MA.

The deceased body was taken to the Yenikoy Graveyard and buried under a police blockade, making the family move in a hurry during the funeral before the crowd gathering, the brother claimed.

Family claims “intention”

The deceased’s brother Hantas went on to allege the police had previously called his younger brother “terrorist,” while conducting a criminal record check on him. When Hantas objected to police’s call, he was threatened. “I, therefore, do not believe either in a conflict or a shooting by mistake,” MA quoted Efe Hantas as saying.

A further claim came from an ANF report on Sunday, saying Hantas had been forced to be an agent by the police before his death.

Ayse Acar Basaran, a lawmaker of the opposition pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), echoed the same claim on Monday.

She reportedly stated the police had intentionally killed Hantas, who did not accept to be a spy on his fellow young men. She said he had been shot in his head, stomach, and leg.

Another HDP lawmaker Semra Guzel requested in writing a parliamentary inquiry to be conducted by Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, questioning what happened during the incident.

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