METU students emerge victorious against the university rectorate over Spring Fest

Students of the Middle East Technical University (METU) have come out victorious after numerous protests and consistent persistence against the rectorate.

The victory came on Wednesday as the two parties have been at loggerheads regarding the location to host the annual Spring Festival.

Numerous METU students had assembled outside the rectorate building in Ankara, demanding the presence of the Devrim (revolution) Stadium in the programme of the 33rd Spring Fest, to be held over three days next week.

Devrim Stadium is considered one of the significant divisions of METU, where the university holds annual Spring Festivals, including open-air concerts and exhibitions. Thus, a large division of people refers to Devrim Stadium as a symbol of METU.

Upon the lofty demands, the rectorate of METU had accepted to mark its presence on April 17th in a meeting scheduled with the representatives of the International Youth Community (IYC), which shoulders the responsibility of organizing the annual Spring Fests at METU.

An abundant number of well-known people expressed support to METU students in bringing the plans of this year’s Spring Fest into life in the Devrim Stadium, without bypassing the annual culture of the university, since the propagation of the allegations of dismissing the event had caused a great pushing back against the rectorate.

According to a letter issued to the students to the university management on April 12, the IYC had declined the offer brought forward by the management to conduct the carnival at the parking lot of the university and to preclude the utilization of the Devrim Stadium, suggesting the sustention of the format as of the preceding 32 years.

“We would like to inform you it is not possible to organize the festival in this context taking into account the current technical and administrative provisions of our university,” said the letter.

Later on, the rectorate dissolved the decision of canceling the festival for 2019, following the immense support displayed on social media by renowned people – including several singers – in the organization of the Spring Fest.

However, the rectorate failed to meet the demands of the students, insisting on conducting the festival at the suggested sites.

After the meeting, the students of METU declared victory via social media, asserting the concession of the rectorate of the university in taking advantage of the Devrim Stadium for the 33rd Spring Fest, to be held on April 24, 25 and 26.

The participants of the meeting have not decided on the final program. A high number of students reflected their joy upon positive development.

The festival is considered by students as having an endemic flow and rituals – the celebrating by chanting slogans such as: “The festival belongs to METU, METU belongs to us!”

Haluk Levent, a famous Turkish rock singer, said via his social media this was a “happy ending” as he appreciated the resolute of the students, citing the rectorate and representatives came to terms.

Levent and other personalities were thanked by METU students who said they were appreciative of the support.

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