Turkey leads world market in soaring potato prices

According to tridge.com‘s April 2019 statistics database, Turkey has ranked first among other major potato producing countries, with a 168 percent price increase compared to last year.

During the same period, global potato prices dropped by 6,6 percent.

As the 16th biggest potato producer in the world, the average potato price in Turkey remains under the global average of $0.63 (per kg), at $0.48.

The monthly increase in the price of potatoes is higher than the global average in Turkey. On a monthly-based change in prices, Turkey comes third after Russia and Poland, with 20,5 percent increase among the biggest twenty potato producing countries.

As a substantial part of the Turkish kitchen culture, potato and onion prices remain central to debates regarding the high inflation crisis of the Turkish the economy in recent months.

Before municipal elections last month, the government opened vegetable stalls in many cities to fight increasing vegetable prices. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed potato sellers for manipulating prices.

He called it “food terror” and said that the government will punish them.

Erdogan signed a decree abolishing import duty on potatoes in March. The government granted temporary permission to import no less than 200,000 kg from other potato producing countries.

Turkey’s year-end inflation forecast rises to 16, 23 percent

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