New footage reveals second attack on main opposition during soldier’s funeral

Footage taken during the funeral of a soldier, who was killed in a clash between Turkish security forces and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), reveals another attack on a member of the main opposition party after an assault on its leader on Sunday.

The footage shows Turkish deputy parliament speaker Levent Gok from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) being punched by at least a dozen men during the funeral, where the party’s leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu was also attacked by a mob.

Gok shared the video footage on his Twitter account on Monday.

“The moment when I was attacked during a soldier’s funeral in Cubuk [district], which I attended as the deputy parliament speaker. No comment,” he posted.

The CHP leader was also attacked during the funeral of Private Yener Kirikci on Sunday when dozens of men shouting “shame on you” and “God damn you” landed several fists on his head.

Before being escorted away by armored vehicles, Kılıcdaroglu took refuge in a house nearby for more than one hour.

Eight out of nine suspects, who were detained as part of the investigation on the attack, were released under judicial supervision early on Tuesday.

The suspects included two women in the crowd who were heard shouting “burn the house” where the CHP leader took refuge, while he was inside. The women were also seen throwing rocks at his vehicle, Cumhuriyet daily reported on Monday.

An Ankara court extended the detention period of one of the perpetrators, who was later identified as Osman Sarigun and turned out to be a member of the governing AK Party (AKP).

AKP announced that the party has ordered a disciplinary probe to expel Sarigun from the party.

“Our party’s Ankara Provincial Administrative Board decided to refer Sarigun to the provincial disciplinary board with the request of his absolute dismissal,” Omer Celik, the AKP spokesperson, said yesterday on his official Twitter account.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who ordered governors to keep CHP officials out of soldiers’ funerals in 2018, came in for harsh criticism from the opposition following the attack on the CHP. A number of government critics and opposition members have called on Soylu to resign his post.

Turkey’s interior minister accused of instigating attack on CHP leader

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