Turkish prosecutor orders detention of 210 military officers over terrorism charges

A public prosecutor in Istanbul issued detention orders for 210 military officers on Friday, including 5 colonels, 7 lieutenant colonels and 14 majors on charges of being a member to the Gulen movement, designated as a terrorist organization by Ankara.

The crackdown on military personnel after the 2016 putsch ensues, specifically targeting officers with alleged ties to the Gulen Organization, led by US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is accused by Ankara of instigating the failed 2016 coup.

Turkish authorities elaborate on the usage of certain payphones as evidence of being a member of the movement. Judges ordered the arrests of more than 1,000 soldiers over their alleged usage of certain payphones since 2017, according to government figures.

Istanbul Police Department detained 115 of the officers so far, Demiroren News Agency reported.

According to government figures, authorities dismissed more than 15,000 officers from the ranks of Turkish Armed Forces following the coup attempt over movement links.

Ankara issues warrants of arrests for 36 military officers

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