CHP opposition senior denounces news report describing her as terror sympathetic

A senior woman leader from Turkey’s the main opposition party has slammed a news report showing her as if she was sympathetic towards the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), T24 news reported on Sunday.

Ulusal Channel, an affiliated media with the left-nationalist Patriotic Party (VP) led by Dogu Perincek claimed in its report that Canan Kaftancioglu, Head of Istanbul Province from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), had not defined a female leader of PKK, Sakine Cansiz, as a terrorist.

Cansiz was one of the founders and leading figures within PKK, who was killed execution style, shot with a bullet to the head in Paris on January 9, 2013.

In response to the report, Kaftancioglu posted a tweet calling on Ulusal Channel to prove its allegation. She challenged the channel to prove that she said or wrote such a thing, saying she would not only give up politics but also leave the country.

“So what about you [what will you do, if you cannot prove]? You are not only [a] liar, but also immoral,” she said.

Ulusal Channel claimed in the report that CHP’s Kaftancioglu had during a live broadcast advocated her tweet posted in 2013 after Cansiz’s murder, calling her a “revolutionist.”

Kaftancioglu said on the broadcast that she had “never changed” in response to a question on what she would say today if asked who Sakine Cansiz is?

Ironically, VP leader Perincek himself came under harsh criticism over his praises for the jailed leader of PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, many times in the past.

In an interview in 2013, history professor Halil Berktay once a close friend to Perincek defined him as a “so passionate person who pursuits power and special place”. According to the historian, from 1969 until 1985, Perincek defined his “special place” in the ideology of Maoism, a communist political theory derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong.

“Later, he looked for a new niche and discovered PKK. He tried to find a way for creating an alliance with PKK in a bid to use its power, however, could not. [During that period] Perincek exaggerated PKK’s power and praised PKK’s leader to the skies,” claimed Berktay.

Perincek has finally shifted toward Kemalism, Turkey’s official ideology, stressing its nationalist, secularist, and anti-imperialist stance.

Lately, Perincek has created a new alliance with his former arch-enemy, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Despite this steadily changing nature of his ideology, VP’s Perincek used in 2016 the same rhetoric of “never changed” as CHP’s Kaftancioglu used today as an irony of fate while describing his alliance with Erdogan.

“Erdogan has come to us [our ideology, our policies], we have not gone next to him [Erdogan’s policies],” Perincek said, referring to his “never changing” stance.

Though VP’s vote is barely around one percent in the elections, Perincek has had a disproportionate influence over Turkish politics, notably after 2014, when he was released from the Ergenekon case.

Perincek has nowadays been an outspoken critic of NATO and the Western alliance, so-called Atlanticists representing the Eurasianist clique, which calls for the Turkish authorities to establish an alliance with Russia, Iran, and China.

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