145 people detained in Workers’ Day celebrations in Turkey

Turkish police have detained 145 people who attempted to march to areas where International Workers’ Day commemorations were banned by the ruling party, Turkish Interior Ministry reported on Wednesday.

According to the ministry’s written statement, 303604 demonstrators attended the May Day marches across the country in 138 events in 67 provinces.

The authorities banned marches in some areas which have symbolic importance for demonstrations, such as Taksim Square. At least 145 people who held demonstrations in  16 such areas were detained by the police.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan released a statement on the day declaring there was “no conflict or noise” on May 1, as they have left the bad images of the past behind.

He claimed they have managed to prevent some extreme organizations which did not even represent one percent of the workers in Turkey from damaging the peace in the country, referring to marginal unions.

“People no longer trust those who have turned activism into a profession and have tried to create chaos in the country,” Erdogan said.

Dozens of protesters detained by police as they try to gather and support the hunger-strike by HDP’s MP Leyla Güven


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