Legal action taken against YSK decision makers

Atilla Kart, lawyer and former MP of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), announced on Thursday that he has formally lodged a petition with two high courts against several members of Turkey’s top election authority, demanding they be dismissed from the profession.

Kart posted a tweet saying that he launched a legal challenge to both the Council of State (Danistay) and the Supreme Court (Yargitay) regarding seven members of the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) who voted in favor of the re-run of Istanbul mayoral elections.

CHP’s candidate Ekrem Imamoglu won the Istanbul mayoral poll on March 31, beating the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) by a small margin.

Following the defeat, the ruling AKP submitted numerous appeals to the YSK, including an extraordinary objection that demanded the Istanbul election be annulled and rerun on the grounds that there were alleged wide-spread voting irregularities.

On May 6, the YSK ruled in favor of AKP, arguing that 3,755 polling officials were not government employees, as required by law. The decision was taken by the majority with seven of the eleven judges voting in favor of the AKP’s appeal.

“A criminal complaint has been filed to the Danistay and the Yargitay regarding seven members of the YSK due to their actions and relations that harmed the honor of the [judgeship] profession, that destroyed the common respect to and trust in the profession, and that appeared not to be done correctly and impartially,” tweeted Kart.

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