Rockets targeted Palestinian refugees on Ramadan iftar meal: 10 dead, 30 injured

A statement released by the United Nations on Thursday said at least 10 civilians were killed and 30 wounded in Syria by a rocket strike on the Neirab camp for Palestinian refugees close to the city of Aleppo.

“As families gathered to break their fasts for the Ramadan Iftar meal, several rockets hit the densely populated Neirab camp for Palestine refugees in Aleppo,” the UN’s humanitarian aid agency UNRWA said in a statement.

It further said four children, including a six-year-old, lost their lives in the attack and many of the injured remain in a critical condition.

Civilians who fled Syrian and Russian bombings, shelter in olive groves Syrian civilians who fled the Syrian government and Russia’s aerial bombing moved to the olive grove at Atmeh town in Idlib province, near the Turkish border.

Reuters reported there is not enough food and these families have no place to go. Media reports said around 180 000 people left their home as the fierce war started between Syrian rebel and President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in the last Syrian jihadist stronghold in the northwest.

UN humanitarian adviser Najat Rochdi told the media in Geneva air strikes targeted 18 health facilities and at least 16 schools have been destroyed during the clashes.

“Aerial bombardment, including the reported use of barrel bombs causing severe damage to civilian infrastructures and civilian casualties, is a war practice which goes against every single humanitarian principle,” she told reporters, Reuters reported.

The Syrian government defended the airstrikes, saying the army responded to attacks by al Qaeda-linked militants but foreign media reported much of the bombardment has hit a buffer zone agreed in September under a Russian-Turkish deal.

There is fear that 3 million residents in the region will face grave humanitarian crises if the fight between the rebels and Russian-backed Assad forces continues.

The jihadist Tahrir al-Sham is the dominant rebel group in northwest Syria and they still resist against Syrian government’s ground forces.

Britain, Germany, and France on Monday called on all the warring parties to avoid a renewed wave of violence in north-western Syria.

At least 15 killed as rebels and Syrian government forces clash ahead of Erdogan’s Russian visit

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