Soldiers die in tragic incident while searching for journalist

Two Turkish soldiers were killed while searching for a missing reporter of state-run news agency Anadolu (AA) on Friday.

Ismail Ustaoglu, governor of the northern province of Trabzon, announced that the soldiers, sergeant Mustafa Gidergelmez and specialized sergeant Eyup Kapaklikaya died during a search and rescue operation for Abdulkadir Nisanci, who went missing after falling off a cliff in Soganli River on May 10.

The missing reporter was covering a road construction work on Mount Soganli, located between the northeastern provinces of Bayburt and Trabzon, at an altitude of 3,500 meters, before he slipped when a mass of snow he stepped on broke loose around Derebasi Curves.

Speaking to reporters at the scene, the governor revealed that the soldiers from Gendarmerie search and rescue teams (JAK) went adrift in the stream.

The soldiers had reportedly been rescued from the water, however, could not be resuscitated despite all efforts.

The governor expressed condolences over the deaths to the soldiers’ families as well as everyone.

The Trabzon Prosecutor’s Office has launched a probe into the incident.

Derebasi Curves are considered one of the most dangerous curves in the world.

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