Hunger limit exceeds minimum wage in Turkey: 2124 Lira

Four member families’ hunger limit goes up to 2124 Lira and poverty limit rose to 6919 lira, according to The Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions’s (TURK-IS) research.

The Union’s data shows that food inflation increased by 0.81 percent in May compared to April.

The hunger limit in May 2018 was 1,686 Lira, the poverty line was 5,492 Lira; in April last year, the hunger limit recorded 2,107 lira and the poverty line was 6,863 lira, the latest research mentioned.

A single worker needs 2625 Lira to continue his life in Turkey since the economy entered into
recession and the cost of living is increasing.

Local election overshadows the struggle to make a living in Turkey

“Especially, the rise in food prices, which is a significant weight in the expenditures of low-income workers and paid workers, is increasing above the calculated consumer inflation.

Low-income and fixed income employees face though economic challenges and the ongoing disagreements on the result of the local elections overshadows these peoples’ grave situation.” TURK-IS statement says.

“The amount of compulsory food spending for a family of four increased by 183 Lira at the end of the first five months of this year and remained below the minimum wage” the statement highlighted.

According to TURK-IS’ calculation, the average price of fresh fruit and vegetarian increased from 6.58 Lira to 7.81 Lira in May, since the last February. The price was 7.02 Lira in March and 7.42 Lira in April.

The Union shared the details that, due to the summer season, vegetable prices slightly reduced but fruit prices increased. Bread prices, the basic nutrition in Turkey also increased and burdens the households’ budgets.

The Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions releases the inflation data before the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). TUIK considers TURK-IS inflation research as one of the indicators regarding the inflation forecasts.

Food prices in Turkey increase by 32 percent in April

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