Assad’s regime forces hit Turkish military observation post in Idlib

Syria carried out an artillery attack near a Turkish Armed Forces’ (TSK) observation post in Idlib.

According to AA the artillery attack was organized from the mountain cluster to the east of Latakia, or from the Kerim area in the Hama countryside. Assad’s forces fired at the same Turkish point on  April, 4, 29 and 12 May, according to a report by AA.

The Turkish military has established 12 observation posts in the Idlib region under the Astana agreement reached with Russia and Iran in the Kazakh capital of Astana last year.

Ankara and Moscow agreed to make Idlib a de-escalation zone under the agreement. However, Assad’s regime forces backed by Iran and other groups have been deployed a few kilometers across these observation posts.

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said two weeks ago that Turkey will not evacuate its military observation post in northern Syria’s Idlib, the last rebel stronghold in the region, after a suspected Syrian government attack.

More than three million people live in Idlib and surrounding areas. The Syrian Civil Defence group, White Helmets says some 300,000 people have been displaced near the Turkish border during recent bombardments in northwest Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based war monitor said on Friday that almost 950 people had been killed in the latest clashes in Idlib, Al Jazeera reported.

Turkey plans to deploy controversial S-400s on southern coast: Bloomberg

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