Gul-Babacan to launch new party in autumn -Davutoglu’s advisor

Former advisor to ex-premier Ahmet Davutoglu claims that former Turkish President Abdullah Gul together with former Economy Minister Ali Babacan will launch a new political party in the autumn.

“There is nothing more dangerous than a silenced society. Nowadays, we have to give an account openly by addressing to each other using a wise language” Davutoglu said on Sunday at a fast-breaking dinner in his hometown, the central Anatolian province of Konya.

Davutoglu who is allegedly on the verge of launching another party rival to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) invited people to gather around a new vision in an effort “to save freedoms and basic values.”   

“They [Gul and Babacan] will act in the autumn,” Etyen Mahcupyan told The Economist magazine.

In fact, the trio, once-Erdogan-allies – Gul, Babacan, and Davutoglu – have been subject to rumors of creating a party for more than a year now. Initially, they were thought to move together.

Later, it became clear that Davutoglu had his own direction as he published a manifesto on April 22 through his Facebook account in which he for the first time openly criticized both Erdogan and his government’s policies.

Following a ruling of Turkey’s Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) on repeating Istanbul mayoral election on May 6 at the AKP’s request, Gul also signaled a political move, criticizing the YSK’s decision.

The Gul-Babacan front was reportedly planning to initiate the new party early this year, yet postponed it to after local elections. Apparently, they have decided to await the results of the Istanbul rerun mayoral elections scheduled to take place on June 23. 

It was not clear, according to the Economist’s report, that if the Davutoglu front will act with the Gul-Babacan movement or move independently. For many, the latter is more possible, as they do not get along, the Economist reported.

However, the Economist has doubts about the public backing either of the two.

“Secular critics scoff that Mr. Erdogan’s former enablers will need quite a makeover before marketing themselves as his opponents,” the publication argued.

Ex-Turkish PM Davutoglu to announce new party in Diyarbakir: DW report

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