Man who shouted at Turkish minister faces probe

Legal action has been taken against a man who yelled at Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu as he arrived at the airport in Trabzon recently.

“Watch your step, Soylu!” Mehmet Ali Sivaz shouted at the minister soon after he arrived on June 6 to celebrate the Feast of Ramadan.

The investigation was announced on Sunday by the governor’s office in the northern province of Trabzon, where the incident took place.

Sivaz was reportedly there together with a crowd to welcome Istanbul’s ousted mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, who will stand again as a candidate again from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) in the upcoming Istanbul rerun elections.

The incident was recorded in a video released by Turkish media on Tuesday, with Soylu taking an immediate step back towards Sivaz.

“Don’t be a show-off!” Sivaz shouted at least twice.

The Trabzon Governor’s Office said in a press release that an initial security investigation had been conducted at the behest of the Trabzon Prosecutor’s Office, revealing an alleged relationship between the man and the CHP officials.

The office is reportedly investigating charges of provocation and threatening.

Following the incident, Soylu had claimed that Sivaz had links to terrorist organizations.

“He [Sivaz] is an intricate man with having links to terrorist organizations, as well as Pontic movement. Some people have pontic dreams in Turkey. There are many phone calls between him and the CHP officials. [The incident] was obvious collusion. He [Sivaz] wanted to collude us,” argued Soylu.

Pontic is an alleged move advocating self-rule on the lands of the ancient empire of Pontians, Turkey’s northern Black Sea region.

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