108 days of torture by Turkish intelligence agency: Petition to court

A Turkish national was tortured for 108 days after being seized in Kazakhstan and handed over to Turkey’s intelligence service, according to a petition that was submitted to a court.

Zabit Kisi, who was arrested on terror charges, alleges that he had been subjected to torture for 108 days by state agents, giving details of the inhumane treatment in his petition to the court, Cevheri Guven, a Turkish journalist reported on Wednesday.

Kisi was living in Kazakhstan before extra-judicially being handed-over to Turkey’s intelligence service (MIT) by the Kazakh authorities in September 2017 according to the report.

A court paper seen by IPA includes an official letter sent to Kisi family by Kazakh authorities to confirm that Zabit Kisi was taken to Turkey by an airplane with the tail number TT-4010 at 11:32 PM local time on September 30, 2017.

Guven quotes from the handwritten “criminal complaint letter,” of which he has a copy.

The torture started as soon as he was airborne on the flight from Almaty to Ankara. He endured severe kicks to his crotch, which resulted in his genitals bleeding for days, according to Kisi’s petition.

“The moment they put me into a three-square meter box, they stripped me and applied electric shocks to different parts of my body,” says Kisi.

“They put my feet soles up while sitting and crashed my toes one by one.”

Kisi says he was unable to hold a spoon for days after being shocked and later he had to use medication for his permanently damaged nervous system, which left him with permanently numb fingers.

“They threatened me with rape and tried to rape me with a hard object,” reads Kisi’s petition.

“We are the judge, no lawyers here”

“Here we are the judge, we are the prosecutor. There are no lawyers here, there is no police. Your exit from here is only possible by accepting everything we say. Do as we tell you, or we will torment you as long as you live, and if you die, we will bury you. It would become an unsolved murder,” Kisi claims that he was told by his captors.

“There was no point in living. I was looking forward to dying. I did not judge the ones who committed suicide anymore. I had gone through torture in a grave-like place with no sunlight for 108 days,” says Kisi.

“When they stopped torturing me I heard other people being tortured in other cells. I weighed 105 kg before and dropped to 75 kg there.”

“Seven months after what I have been through I still wake up in the night having nightmares. I never feel safe. I am always restless,” Kisi adds.

“When I look in the mirror I see that the whiteness of my hair and beard has increased by 50 percent. I have a hard time recognizing myself.”

Rights Initiative, an Ankara-based rights organization, also released a report on enforced disappearance and torture claims after its lawyers conducted an interview with Kisi in a Kocaeli prison to listen to his testimony.

His claims on his abduction from Kazakhstan and torture in Ankara were also detailed in the report.

A Turkish court last week sentenced Kisi to 13 years and 6 months in jail on charges of being a member of the Gulen movement.

Turkish authorities deem the movement led by US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, a terrorist organization and accuse the latter of masterminding the failed 2016 coup.

In Turkey and abroad, there have been at least 28 people who have allegedly been abducted since the coup attempt, according to several media and human rights organizations reports.

Abduction and torture part of war on Gulenists: Report

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