Turkey’s poverty threshold reaches 6760 Lira – report

The Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions’ (TURK-IS) has revealed in its latest data that the country’s hunger limit increased to 2075 lira and that the poverty threshold rose to 6760 lira.

TURK-IS’s research on the limit of hunger and poverty shows that the cost of living of an unmarried-childless employee rose to 2565 lira.

The confederation mentioned that Turkey’s minimum wage now stands at 2020 lira and that this amount is not enough even for a single couple’s sustenance even though millions of Turkish families depend on the minimum wage salary.

The TURK-IS July 2019 shows that the amount of monthly food expenditure of a four-member family is 2072 lira. This in order for them to have healthy, balanced and adequate nutrition.

The total amount of other monthly expenses including clothing, housing, rent, electricity, water, fuel, transportation, education, health, and other necessities is 6.760.73 Turkish lira.

Annual food inflation is 22.86 percent

The report also shows that the minimum amount of food expenditure of a four-member family in Ankara increased by 0.39 percent compared to the previous month, and food inflation was recorded at 6.91 percent.

Food inflation was calculated at 19.38 percent in the last 12 months and the annual increase was 22.86 percent.

The price of milk and cheese did not show a significant increase in July, while the price of yogurt rose significantly. Meat prices also did not change a lot.

The total amount of spending on food for a small family increased 1176 lira in 12 months.

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