Health minister’s foundation awarded public property

Following the transfer of properties owned by Turkish State Railways (TCDD), a 555,000 square-meter public property land in Ankara has also been granted to a foundation of which the founder is the Turkish health minister, critical news website Gazete Duvar reported on Sunday.

The public land, which belongs to state-owned Ataturk Forest Farm (AOC) has been reportedly given to the Turkey Education Health and Research Foundation (TESA), to be used by the foundation’s private university, Medipol.

A day earlier, Turkish media outlets reported that TCDD’s properties had been transfered to the Medipol Hospital.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca is the founder and the chairman of the TESA and the Medipol University.

Tezcan Karakus Candan, the head of chamber of architects’ Ankara branch, rebuked the transfer of the public properties.

“We have been living in an exact spoliation term. They [the ruling Justice and Development Party, AKP] first separated a building from the Ankara Railway Station and then awarded it to Medipol Hospital. Similarly, they later separated another piece of property from the AOC and granted it to TESA, in other words to the health minister,” Candan said.

Candan claimed the country has not witnessed such a spoliation before, vowing to approach the courts based on AKP’s moves.

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