HDP says governor signals those who killed Ekinci will go unpunished

The Pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) says that the statement released by the Hakkari Governor’s Office over the killing of 14-year-old Vedat Ekinci signals that those responsible for his death will get away with the crime, Gazete Duvar news website reported on Friday.

Ekinci was killed when Turkish soldiers opened fire on villagers who were doing border trade in the southeastern province of Hakkari on Thursday.

The Hakkari Governor’s office said in a statement following the incident that Ekinci was wounded due to a bouncing bullet.

The Governor’s office argued this was “because the terrain is rough and rocky” and that the soldiers had fired to warn the villagers.

The HDP said in reaction to the statement that this signals that the soldiers responsible for Ekinci’s death will remain unpunished.

They said in the statement released by the HDP’s Law and Human Rights Commission spokesperson Ayse Acar Basaran that “bouncing bullets will continue targeting children and civilians in Turkey as long as the country’s impunity policy continues for the killers.

“We ask you one more time, it is the faith of Kurdish children and youngsters to become a target of ‘bouncing’ bullets and bombs?”

Offering condolences for Ekinci, the pro-Kurdish party further argued that one of the reasons behind the “voluntary slaughter” of the 14-year-old was that similar incidents that happened in Turkey before had not been investigated and those responsible for them had not faced trial.

“Our citizens who have been trying to make ends meet among issues like unemployment, poverty and military operations are considered worthy of death, just like what happened in Roboski,” the statement underlined.

A total of 34 smugglers, most of them teenagers, were killed in airstrikes in Roboski in the Uludere district of the Sırnak province near the Turkish–Iraqi border on December 28, 2011.

The HDP demanded that an investigation must be launched immediately into the incident so as to punish those who are responsible for the teenager’s death.

“We call upon authorities to do their duties in order to prevent killings like this one from happening again. We also urge the public, rights groups, and non-governmental organizations to follow the issue closely,” they concluded.

14-year-old killed as Turkish soldiers open fire on Hakkari villagers


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