Kurdish man’s body still not returned to his family after four days

Iranian authorities have still not returned the body of a Turkish national, who was shot dead four days ago by soldiers as he and fellows crossed the border into Turkey.

The pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya News Agency (MA) reported on Monday that the family of 23-year old Hasem Tilaver had not received his body four days after his death.

Tilaver lost his life on Friday when Iranian soldiers opened fire on him and other smugglers in Belasor, the border village of Iran, near the country’s border with Turkey.

The villagers who are reportedly involved in illegal border trade were aiming to bring the items they received in Iran to Turkey when the soldiers started shooting at them.

Tilaver was mortally wounded and died on the way to the hospital. His fellows Sedat Tilaver, Yunus Tilaver, Nevzat Yigit, and Yusuf Yigit were uninjured taken into custody by Iranian authorities.

The four will face trial in Iran before being returned to Turkey.

Speaking to MA on Monday, Tilaver’s brother Burhan Tilaver said that they have been waiting in Iran to receive his brother’s body for four days.

“We have been here for four days and they always tell us to go here and there. The doctor gave us the report [necessary to take Tilaver’s body] after two days when he could do it in five minutes. We want to bury his body as soon as possible,” the brother explained.

Abdullah Koc, pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP)’s lawmaker for Agri, the border province with Iran, directed a parliamentary question in the Turkish parliament to Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu regarding the issue.

Koc referred to the 2nd Article of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) that says “Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law” and Article 17 of the Turkish Constitution, which reads “Everyone has the right to protect and improve his/her corporeal and spiritual existence.”

“Hasem Tilaver’s killing by the Iranian soldiers and the detention of four other youngsters are not acceptable. These incidents must be illuminated and those responsible should be held to account. The immediate release of the four detainees is also essential,” the MP said.

“Did the Iranian government launch any investigations into the incident so that the soldiers who committed the murder can be put on trial? If not, will you take any steps to make it happen immediately?” Koc asked Minister Cavusoglu.

He also wanted to know whether an investigation into those who “carried out the murder” has been launched by the Turkish authorities.

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