Diesel and petrol prices rise in Turkey as lira weakens

The Employers Union of Energy Petroleum Gas Supply Stations (EPGİS) has announced that the diesel price increased 17 kurus per liter and petrol rose by 6 kurus as new fuel prices came into effect on Monday night.

After the increase, the sale price of diesel per liter increased from 6.07 lira to 6.24 lira in the capital Ankara and from 6.01 lira to 6.18 lira in Istanbul, and from 6.09 lira to 6.26 lira in Izmir.

The petrol price increased from 6.61 lira to 6.67 lira in Ankara, while in Istanbul, the price rose to 6.60 lira from 6.54 lira and 6.62 lira to 6.68 lira in Izmir.

As distribution companies determine the prices, the oil prices show little change in different regions due to competitions and transportation factors.

Turkey is an oil-dependent country troubled by a weak currency. In January 2015, petrol prices were almost half the current level in the country. Tension with the US over the S-400 Russian missile and Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) continues interference with the independence of its central bank negatively affecting the Turkish currency.

Price hikes send petrol prices soaring to over seven lira a liter in Istanbul




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