Turkish varsity fires academician for second time despite court ruling

A Turkish academician has been dismissed from his post for the second time after he was reemployed by order of a court decision, Gazete Duvar reported on Tuesday.

Murat Buyukyilmaz was first sacked from his teaching assistant job in October last year,  a month after he was recruited on the grounds that he was found “unfavorable” by the board of trustees of Euroasia University.

After a nine-month legal struggle, the Samsun Administrative Court ruled in favor of the academic who filed a lawsuit in a request for a stay of execution against the university decision.

On Monday the university had to reemploy Buyukyilmaz, but did not provide him with a room. The lecturer, therefore, had to stay and work in the university canteen while waiting for a room to be assigned.

On Tuesday, on the second day of his reemployment, Buyukyilmaz was again ousted by the university board shortly after he tweeted about his wait in the canteen.

“I cannot understand what the university is trying to do by taking such an unjustified and meaningless decision, despite the court ruling. This is so sad,” said the academician, speaking to 16 Punto news portal on Tuesday.

Ozgur Urfa, Buyukyilmaz’s lawyer, vowed to follow up on the matter by filing an annulment suit, as well as a criminal complaint against the university officials as he claimed they were committing a crime despite the court ruling.

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