Erdogan’s former PM accuses ruling party of ditching principles

Former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says the decision by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to send him and some of his comrades to a disciplinary board is an attempt to expel principles. Gazete Duvar on Wednesday reported the reaction of the former AKP leader which came through his Twitter account on the same day.

“What the AKP administration wants to expel is not the individuals [Davutoglu himself and three other AKP seniors], but the principles that we had previously reminded [of the AKP and its current leader Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan]. We have been standing behind what we said [before],” said Davutoglu, referring to his first criticism on April 22.

At the time the ex-prime minister published a manifesto through his Facebook account in which he openly criticized his former boss, Erdogan, following the March 31 local election which became a stinging blow to the president and his AKP.

Davutoglu criticized the AKP’s policy choices for the poor standing in the local election and the looming economic crisis, in his 15-page statement. 

He then referred to himself as the “last prime minister elected by people”, referring to his replacement by Erdogan with Binali Yildirim.

Since then Davutoglu has several times signaled the formation of a new party.

In his reaction Twit on Wednesday, the former PM again posted his manifesto.

The former Istanbul Provincial Head Selim Temurci who was also sent to the disciplinary council to be dismissed from the AKP also slammed the administration, saying the party was moving away from its founding principles and values.

AKP’s disciplinary council is expected to rubber-stamp the expulsion decision of the Central Executive Committee over the next few days.

AKP’s former Deputy PM Ali Babacan, who resigned from the party in July, is also expected to form a separate party against Erdogan.

Erdogan’s ruling AKP takes steps to expel former Prime Minister Davutoglu

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