Family sit-in demands justice for father and sons killed in AKP fracas

A Turkish family staged a sit-in over the failure by Turkey’s prosecutors to investigate the killing of three of their own, allegedly by thugs linked Justice and Development Party (AKP) lawmaker Ibrahim Halil Yildiz.

The pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya News Agency (MA) reported on Tuesday that Emine Senyasar and her son Ferit staged a sit-in protest in front of the Urfa Court to highlight that nothing had been done to investigate the deaths of her husband and two sons.

They lost their lives in a series of fights between the AKP government’s election campaign team and local shopkeepers, in the Suruc district of the southeastern Sanliurfa.

The incidents in Suruc left four people dead, including the brother of the AKP MP Yildiz.

Emine’s two sons were killed during an alleged attack on June 14, 2018, on their shop by those close to Yildiz, while her husband, who survived the first attack, was allegedly killed by the same people inside the hospital where he had been taken to receive treatment after being stabbed.

Two of Emine’s four sons survived the attacks but one of them was arrested as part of an investigation launched into the incidents.

Emine and Ferit staged the sit-in protest in front of the Urfa Court a day after a meeting with the Urfa Chief Public Prosecutor Tolgahan Oztoprak.

They underlined that the prosecutor has been giving them the same answers every time they meet, and therefore, they felt the need to stage a protest, MA reported.

Indicating that 17 bullets belonging to 17 different guns were found in the body of his brother, Ferit Senyasar added: “It’s all in the autopsy report. It has been 15 months since the incident. The last time that we met with the prosecutor was February. Back then, he had told us that the indictment [against the attackers] would be ready within a month.”

“We believed him and waited. When we came to talk to him following the judicial recess that ended yesterday, the prosecutor told us to wait at home and feel at ease and that they will handle the issue, with a smile [on his face],” Senyasar continued.

“Those who carried out this massacre are roaming freely in front of our shop in Suruc,” he noted.

Expressing that the only person who was being kept in prison in relation to the incident was his brother, the Senyasars vowed that they will not turn away from their demand for justice.

According to the state-run Anadolu Agency (AA), the brother, Fadil Senyasar, was arrested with the allegation that he is the suspect for the murder of Mehmet Sah Yildiz, the brother of the AKP’s Urfa MP İbrahim Halil Yıldız.

The sit-in protest of the two prompted Urfa Bar Association President Abdullah Oncel to have a meeting with Oztoprak to the justice demands of the Senyasar family.

Emine and Ferit Senyasar ended their demonstration after finding out that the prosecutor promised Oncel to deal with the issue and file a lawsuit within a month.

The family promised they would repeat the sit-in next month if Oncel did not keep to his promise.

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