47,000 Turkish citizens owe more than 1 million lira in tax debts

The number of people with tax debts of more than 1 million lira increased by 51 percent to 47 032 people from 31,056 people year-on-year.

The Turkish Revenue Administration’s (GIB) latest report shows that as of 30 June 2019, 15 976 more people did not pay their tax debts.

Nursan Metallurgical Industry Inc was placed at first place in the list with a 1, 462 billion debt.

Mustafa Akyol was listed second with a debt of 1, 360 billion lira and International Fuel Distribution Ltd numbered third with 1,  189 billion lira debt.

Affan Aviation Fuel Tourism listed fourth with 1,181 billion lira and Öztürk N-F Lubricants and Chemicals numbered fifth with 1, 125 billion lira debt on the Turkish Revenue Administration’s list.

Last year Affan Aviation was listed as the company with the most debt with 1, 59 billion lira and the company’s debt increase by 122 million with overdue interest.

Ozan Bingol, tax specialist from Başkent University told T24 news portal that ongoing economic crisis is the main reason of this year’s big increase in the list of tax debtors as business people experience difficulties in the payment of people and institutions.

Bingol criticized the Turkish government for introducing the nine tax amnesty during the last 17 years and the revenue administration lost its ability to collect taxes as the increased figures show.

He shared the statistics that interest rates applied to the public debts which citizens could not pay on time have been increased by 78.5 percent in a year, from 1.4 percent to 2.5 percent on a monthly basis.

Bingöl said that the high-interest rate became very effective for increasing the total debt of the first 100 people from 30.7 billion lira to 44.3 billion lira.

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