Caretaker’s family suspicious after alleged suicide at AKP lawmaker’s home

An Uzbek caregiver employed by a lawmaker from Turkey’s ruling party allegedly committed suicide at her workplace  using a gun registered to the legislator.

However the 23-year-old woman’s brother expressed  doubt about the incident, critical daily Sozcu reported on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old Nadira Kadirova, an Uzbek national was reported to have committed suicide on Monday when she was at an apartment belonging to Sirin Unal, a lawmaker of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and a retired major general.

Kadirova’s brother Muhammet Ali Kadirova, however, told the daily that his sister had “no reason’’ to take her own life.

“I know my sister very well. Shee did not have the guts to pull the trigger,” Muhammet Ali said.

The brother voiced his doubts about the alleged suicide by quoting his sister’s girlfriend, Leyla, whom Nadira had previously spoken to on the phone.

Nadira was allegedly subjected to sexual abuse by  Unal, Leyla quoted her as saying in the telephone conversation.

“Something very bad is happening,” Nadira was quoted as saying.

The brother also claimed that the lawmaker had stepped in and the forensics procedures were conducted at lightning speed.

There has been no immediate word from the lawmaker so far.

On Wednesday, the Ankara Police Department released a statement, saying the suicide had taken place at Unal’s home where his wife,  daughter and another caretaker were present at the time of the incident.

The police department said no suspicious case was detected during the crime scene investigation. .

They said all the evidence collected at the scene including notes alluding to suicide were taken and attached to the case.

All evidences, including the notes with suicidality that was found in the suicide’s room, were annexed to the investigation case,” read the statement.

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