Questions raised over maid’s death in Turkish MP’s house

An apparent suicide by an Uzbek national working as a maid for a parliamentarian of Turkey’s ruling party has been labeled suspicious by her family’s lawyer, the Gazete Duvar news portal reported on Wednesday.

The 23-year old Nadira Kadirova was working as a maid in the house of Justice and Development Party (AKP) lawmaker Sirin Unal.

Kadirova lost her life on September 23 as a result of a gunshot fired from a gun registered to Unal and Turkish officials declared soon after that she had committed suicide.

Lawyer Mujde Tozbey Erden, who is also the chair of Children and Women First Association, said there were many reasons, including the lack of sufficient investigation into Kadirova’s death, that raised doubts over whether her death was in fact suicide.

Speaking to Cumhuriyet TV on Wednesday, Erden stated that the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has done no investigation to find out whether claims of sexual assault against the AKP lawmaker are true.

“We want them to investigate whether Nadira was sexually assaulted or not, whether she was murdered or not. That’s why we are struggling for justice,” the lawyer said.

“The fact that necessary evidence examinations were not made shows that MP Sirin Unal is being protected,” she also held forth.

Erden explained that another detail that makes Kadirova’s suicide suspicious was that it took only two days for the prosecutor’s office to complete the bureaucratic procedures and have the postmortem and Forensic Medicine reports taken.

“Normally, it takes six months in Turkey to have a Forensic Medicine report. In Nadira’s case, it took only two. That also makes us suspicious,” Erden said, adding that the girl’s body was quickly sent back to Uzbekistan.

The fact that the Security Directorate announced Kadirova’s death as a case of suicide based on forensic medicine reports while that announcement normally should have been done by the prosecutor’s office also created suspicion, the lawyer said.

Referring to the incident where witnesses were asked as part of the investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office whether Nadira was also working as a prostitute, Erden said the move was aimed at intimidating them.

“Asking whether Nadira was prostituting [herself] or not is an attempt to change the course of the investigation. They want to smear Nadira so as to cover up this suspicious death. What has been done until today makes us think that,” he said.

Turkish media has revealed that governing AKP lawmaker Unal was not a suspect within the scope of the investigation into Kadirova’s death.

Lawyer Erden on Wednesday called on Unal to give a struggle so that the case could be solved and he could clear his name.

Muhammet Ali Kadirova, Nadira’s brother, previously told Turkish media that his sister had “no reason’’ to take her own life.

“I know my sister very well. She did not have the guts to pull the trigger,” he said, voicing doubts about the alleged suicide based on recent statements by his sister’s girlfriend, Leyla.

Leyla had claimed that Nadira told her over the phone that she was subjected to sexual abuse by Unal.

 “Something very bad is happening,” Nadira was quoted by Leyla as saying.

Caretaker’s family suspicious after alleged suicide at AKP lawmaker’s home

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