Turkey investigates nine-year-old Corlu train victim’s mother

A mother who lost her nine-year-old son in a train accident that also killed 24 other people is now the subject of an investigation by Turkish authorities.

The Gazete Duvar news portal reported on Monday that  Misra Oz Sel, who lost her son Oguz Arda Sel in a train accident in northwestern Turkey, is now being investigated by the Corlu Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office due to her tweets demanding justice for victims of the disaster.

Sel’s son died along with 24 others in a train derailment that also injured more than 300 people in the Corlu district of Turkey’s northwestern Tekirdag province on July 8, 2018.

“We have waited patiently for a just trial to take place [regarding the accident] until now. … do you think that I would give up [searching for justice] because of your attempt to intimidate me?” Sel challenged in a tweet.

Speaking to Serkan Alan from Gazete Duvar, the mother also underlined that she is frustrated with the Turkish judicial system.

“I have understood the way the judicial system in Turkey works. Unfortunately, they do not do anything to find those responsible [for the accident] and punish them in an attempt to prevent such mass killings from happening again,” the mother argued.

“Instead of doing something to restore justice, they choose to act mercilessly towards those who lost their loved ones [in the train derailment]. That’s what the Corlu Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office thinks fit. Let them fool around. I will hold my ground,” vowed the mother.

Misra Oz Sel, with her son, Oguz Arda Sel.

The indictment by Corlu Chief Public Prosecutor Murat Yigiter charged only four employees of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), namely Turgut Kurt, Ozkan Polat, Cetin Yildirim and Celaleddin Cabuk with reckless killing and injury over last year’s train derailment.

Families of those who died in the accident have protested several times against Yigiter’s verdict of non-prosecution for train drivers Halil Altinkaya and Suat Sahin, train chief Huseyin Kahraman and senior officials and bureaucrats who were suspected to be responsible for the incident.

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