Turkish company files complaint over illegal use of jets in Ghosn escape

A Turkish private aircraft operator announced on Friday that it had filed a criminal complaint about the illegal use of its jets in the escape from Japan of ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn.

MNG Jet alleged in its complaint that two of its planes were illegally used in the escape, and one of its employees falsified records to exclude Ghosn’s name from documents.

MNG claimed Ghosn illegally used its jets to reach Lebanon via Istanbul.

Ghosn revealed on Tuesday that he had fled to Lebanon to escape from Japan, where he claimed the justice system was “rigged.”

“After having learned through the media that the leasing was benefitting Mr. Ghosn and not the officially declared passengers, MNG Jet launched an internal inquiry and filed a criminal complaint in Turkey,” a statement by MNG read.

According to the aircraft company, two separate private jets, one from Dubai to Osaka and Osaka to Istanbul, and another from Istanbul to Beirut were leased in December 2019 to two different clients.

“The two leases were seemingly not connected to each other,” MNG said, adding that the jets did not belong to but were operated by it.

Ghosn’s name was kept off the flight manifest with the help of an MNG employee who reportedly admitted to falsifying records by acting in his individual capacity, the company said.

Seven people, including four pilots, were detained on Thursday by Turkish police as part of a probe into the incident. The suspects were sent to court on Friday following their questioning by police.

He was first arrested in Tokyo in November 2018, facing four financial misconduct charges, including hiding income and enriching himself through payments to car dealerships in the Middle East.

The former CEO, who received great support from Lebanon during his arrest, denies the charges.

Ghosn was released on bail in April with strict conditions, including a ban on overseas travel and living under surveillance.

The ex-businessman declared that he would speak publicly on January 8 about his escape.

Ghosn has Lebanese, French, and Brazilian citizenship.

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