Turkey’s population tops 83 million

Turkey’s population increased to 83.15 million in 2019, increasing by 1.15 million people, according to data released on Tuesday by the country’s state statistical institute.

The report revealed 50,2 percent of Turkey’s population is male, and 49,8 percent is female. Accordingly, 41.721 million men and 41.433 million women are living in the country.

According to the stats, more than 92 percent of the growing population lives in and around city centers.

Istanbul, the most crowded city of Turkey, saw its population rise by more than 450,000 people to reach 15,5 million. Eighteen percent of Turkey’s population lives in Istanbul, the data shows.

Ankara is the second-largest city with 5,6 million people, and Izmir follows suit with 4,3 million inhabitants. Bursa and Antalya are the next most populated cities in the country with 3,066 million and 2,5 million inhabitants respectively.

The age average of people in the country rose from 32 in 2018 to 32.4 last year. The northern province of Sinop hosts the oldest population in the country with a median age of 40.8. The youngest Sanliurfa in the southeast has an age average of 20.9.

The number of expats in the country is also on the rise, with an increase of 320,000 people, reaching 1,53 million. New statistics say the 50,8 percent of foreigners living in Turkey are male, and 49,2 percent are female.

Asylum seekers and migrants under temporary protection, including Syrians, foreigners holding visas or residence permits shorter than three months were excluded in the stats, the institute underlined.

Turkey is now home to the world’s largest refugee population, with almost 4 million asylum seekers&refugees and 3,7 million of them are Syrians, according to the United Nations.

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