Suspects linked to Istanbul AK-47 clash released

An Istanbul court on Saturday released four suspects detained by the police last week over a clash near the central Beyoglu district with long-barreled guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle.

On Thursday, the Istanbul police raided an apartment where they captured several guns, rifles, ammunition, and knives.

The security forces arrested four suspects in the building and seized several weapons, according to the T24 news portal.

The raid came after two groups in Istanbul’s central district clashed with weapons for an unknown reason, resulting in a man getting seriously injured.

The police said they found a gun and 12 ammunition clips on the scene.

The suspects who have criminal records over malicious and accidental wounding, damage to property, robbery, and smuggling appeared in court on Saturday.

The court released Okan B, Ali O, Murat G, and Mehmet Samet B with judicial control.

*Writing by Alp Noyan, Editing by Styles Lucas Ledwaba

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