Tortured for six months by Turkish police: Detainee

A Turkish man told an Ankara court that he was unofficially detained and tortured for six months by police.

“The Turkish police abducted and heavily tortured me for six months,” told the 34th Heavy Penalty Court on Wednesday.

Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party MP Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu announced on his Twitter account that Yasin Ugan, who was reportedly a victim of an alleged enforced disappearance, broke his silence on torture claims.

The lawmaker quoted Ugan as saying to a judge that the police picked him up in February 2019 and during the six months he was detained he had a sack put on his head and was beaten black and blue. He was only allowed to shower three times during the six months.

Gergerlioglu said Ugan dismissed his state-appointed lawyer after being made to sign his 58-page testimony taken under the torture without ever having read it.

Ugan is accused of being a member of the outlawed Gulen Movement, a group Ankara blames for orchestrating a 2016 abortive coup.

His brother tweeted on July 29, 2019, that the Turkish Police arrested Ugan in the Turkish capital after he had been missing since February 13. Ugan has been in jail since then.

The judge has decided to file a criminal complaint about Ugan’s claims and adjourned the hearing, the MP said.

Six people have been reported after the coup attempt to be missing in Turkey. Four of them have been found in the custody of the country’s counter-terrorism police.

Relatives of Gokhan Turkmen, Yasin Ugan, Ozgur Kaya, Ertan Irmak, Mustafa Yilmaz, and Salim Zeybek posted on Twitter on July 29 last year that counter-terrorism police in Ankara had detained the five of them.

Last February, during a trial, Turkmen, who had been missing for about nine months, said three police officers with uniforms kidnapped him in Antalya on February 7. 2019, tortured and sexually abused him for 271 days.

He claimed the police pressured him not to request a lawyer but to accept one they will assign. He claimed the Police forced him to sign under his “statement” taken under torture.

Gokmen has been in the Sincan prison of Ankara since November 6, 2019.

A report released in December 2018 by a non-profit investigative newsroom based in Europe, Correctiv, suggests that MIT enforces Turkish nationals’ disappearances to hold them in a secret detention facility placed in Ankara.

A Turkish human rights organization IHD claimed as many as 830 people had been subjected to torture or ill-treatment in Turkey in 2019.

Alleged victim of enforced disappearance turns up in police custody, says spouse

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